The Road to Pro | Elina Hagberg

The Road to Pro | Elina Hagberg

First on, last off.

Macade followed Swedish golfer Elina Hagberg as she shared her perspective on what it takes to become pro having had a relatively late start. Join us as we learn Elina’s techniques for competing with an athlete mentality, what shots stay in her mind, and why golf is much more to her than what may seem.

Elina Hagberg is from Gothenburg, Sweden and started her career in athletics at a young age. However, instead of spiked shoes, she wore bright white ice skates.

Having competed in figure skating, Elina kept her athletic drive and applied it to golf. She rapidly became hooked on the sport and strove to improve from the very beginning. Despite her late start compared to other golf athletes, Elina now competes in small tournaments around Europe and works hard to achieve her goal of becoming pro.

We start our day in Haninge Golfklubb where Elina warms up on the range. An overcast day is not a strange occurrence during a Swedish summer.

‘Nothing stops me from being on the golf course the entire day,’ she jokes.

‘You can always find something that you can work on,’ she shares with a big grin.

'The passion for the sport is so much bigger than a bad day or bad weather.'

This was the first impression of Elina's overarching attitude towards training. Determination is the key in overcoming obstacles in her way.

After the warm-up on the range, Elina makes her way through the first hole with ease and takes the time to make a couple extra practice chips onto the green wearing our Light Blue Mock Tee and Kaya Coral Flex Skort.

Her confidence is evident. Her focus is solid yet remains quick to make a joke when the opportunity arises.

 Elina chips and putts her way through the course and shares her perspective on the objectivity of golf.

‘The numbers are there, it’s just data. You can judge your performance based on your scores and it’s a black-and-white reminder of your progress.’

As most of us might relate, golf is unforgiving and often a humbling experience. Elina remains realistic yet her tone suggests that she craves a challenge to overcome and always welcomes an opportunity to improve.

We make it back to the clubhouse and the evening gets colder. Elina throws on her Sonoma Long Sleeve Shirt and shares her motivation in times of doubt. It’s honest, practical, and cultivated from years of athletic performance.


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'One of the important parts of practice is that you make many different shots so when you're competing, you can always think back to the time you accomplished the shot and you can remember what you're capable of.'

Elina uses her success to propel herself forward but doesn't rest on her laurels. It’s a mentality that stays with her not only on the course but in her personal life as well. She likens the objectivity of golf to her personal relationships where everything has an opportunity to improve as long as the determination exists.


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The day ends with us saying goodbye to the Gothenburg native as the rain starts to come down on the course. The wind makes the rain fall horizontally as puddles form in the divots of past shots. It's a sight that would deter most golfers from getting some practice. It would take a lot more to stop Elina.

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